Schuld & Stamer - "Kuddelmuddel"
We are proud to announce the new album by the acclaimed Canadian blues duo! With help from their friends, the duo offers a groundbreaking new take on blues standards.

"Schuld & Stamer have used modern technology to re-visit standards in a way that makes them exciting to listen to without putting that technology in your face. Stamer’s vocals and Schuld’s expertise on ‘normal’ instruments are a big part of this success." - John Valenteyn, Maple Blues

"Fearlessly, they’ve used loops, samples and other current technology on hoary old tunes such as Midnight Special, Spoonful or Rock Island Line. The result isn’t radically different from the familiar, but there is a freshness that invigorates Midnight Special, to use one obvious example, and is inspiring.” - Tom Harrison, The Vancouver Province

Probably the perfect song for this fearless approach is Wilie Dixon’s Spoonful and the pair do not disappoint with a throbbing and lengthy atmospheric makeover which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. For a survivor of the 60’s Brit blues scene it is exciting to hear blues music sounding vital and exciting again. Give this one a try and, like me, you’ll love it." - Dave Drury, Blues Matters Magazine

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The physical CD is available direct from this website only. Please contact us.

"With Kuddelmuddel, Schuld & Stamer have created a sonic landscape that breathes life into old classic songs. I think a lot of those old blues masters are looking down from heaven and saying 'Good Job, Boys!'. It is time-honoured blues for the 21st century." - Blind Lemon Blues, CHMR FM